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Moving Tips

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

img2If you are packing yourself – here are some tips to make moving as a family fun and easy.

Stay Organized!

  • Color code boxes so movers know which room to bring them to in advance.
  • Create an “Essentials” pack with a change of clothes, toothbrushes and toiletries, medications, and your child’s favorite small toys or games to make your first night easy without searching through boxes.
  • Keep like items together to make unpacking a breeze.
  • Keep important documents – birth certificates, licenses, and insurance policies – in one easily accessible place.


Get Everyone Involved!

  • Give family members unique colored stickers or labels to identify their own boxes and make a game of packing up individual rooms.
  • Make children feel secure about moving by making a special focus on safely moving their special possessions, such as stuffed animals and security blankets.
  • Plan a fun outing in your new area, ahead of time if possible, to introduce your family to the fun and happy environment you’re moving to.


Plan Ahead – Relax On Moving Day!!

  • Work with your moving company in advance to make a clear, easy to understand plan with all the details of your move.
  • If possible, have a babysitter, friend or family member watch your children and pets during the move so you can focus without worrying about them too.
  • Pick a moving company you can trust so you can let them worry about the details instead!