WeContribution is a donation page portal that conveniently allows you to quickly review and give a monetary gift of any size to the charitable organizations of your choice. 100% of your giving passes directly through to the organization you choose. So, if you are ready to help change someone’s life in a positive way – click on one of the organizations below and make a difference.

Charitable links (Click Image to Visit Donations Page)

Donate to American Red Cross Donate to Minnie's Food Pantry Donate to Move for Hunger
Donate to North Texas Food Bank Donate to Salvation Army Donate to United Way

Note: This page is a portal that connects you directly to the charitable organization’s donation page. No contribution donated by clicking on a link of this page is received or handled in any way by We Muv U. You can also find the donation page for each of the charitable organizations listed here by performing the following search (donate + charitable organization’s name) in Google and/or Bing.