armyWe Muv U in partnership with the Salvation Army have created a program called WeCycle that helps our customers easily donate new items or gently used items that they no longer want. We Muv U provides our customers with two specially marked large boxes during each move – the boxes may be filled with toys, books, clothing and other small home goods. WeCycle boxes are transported to the Salvation Army free of charge and then distributed throughout the DFW area Thrift Stores.

Who can participate in the recycle program?

All We Muv U moving customers.

Why this program?

Because we know that many people find there are a lot of items they no longer want when they move. While many people would prefer to donate unwanted items to someone who wants or needs them, the actual process of doing so can be cumbersome. As a result, many of these unwanted items are thrown out or simply moved into the new home – unwanted but kept by default because other options were too difficult. The WeCycle program alleviates the issue of finding an organization and transporting unwanted items.


How do the donations get to the Salvation Army?

  • We store them in our storage facility until we have at least half a truck full
  • We transport them to the Salvation Army warehouse in the DFW Area
  • The Salvation Army then distributes them throughout their Thrift Stores in the DFW Area
  • The profits from their sale go to help the Salvation Army programs


What can be donated?

  • TOYS